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Please kill me now - just bought an iPad off of eBay

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Stoic Joker:
It's just a casual, portable device to have with you.  Check time, check email (not necessarily write email), browse the web, watch some videos, go on facebook.-superboyac (April 06, 2011, 09:52 AM)
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 :huh: A portable device to check the time with?!?  :wallbash: Yeah, if you're in the habbit of buying wrist watches from Flavor Flav...

heheheh, perfect.

I've just installed the app for ReadItLater. I've been using ReatItLater across my main pc and netbook for quite a while now, so I've managed to colled a few hundred links to "read later", i.e. never.

I must say the iPad version seems very polished - makes the whole exercise of trawling through all these old links quite pleasurable. I think the penny is starting to drop with how nice a tablet can be - when you find the right thing to do on it. Using this "app" on the tablet does seem to be a lot better than doing it a desktop or netbook. It even automatically downloads all the page content to read offline.

Here's a linke if anyone is interested:

Think maybe you'd like to get yourself one of these?

It sorta looks like an iPad  ;)

Kidding...just kidding...


+1 on ReadItLater. Terrific tool. I'd be lost without it. Liked it so much I sprung for the Digest option too.  :Thmbsup:

heheh, ooh, that old slate board and chalk would be an even better case to have than the Etch A Sketch one.

I must say, I'm really liking the speed of flicking through content (that's cached). I can see how this would be a pretty good "productive" tool when you're demonstrating things to people at close hand.

Hmm. I think I can feel the presence of the Lord of the I's (as in "I"pod/player/phone/tunes) slowly corrupting my soul.


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