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what is the benefit of this old style network

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At work (Hosting company) we run a quad-nic setup.

* Two NIC's for internal (LAN) traffic.
* Two NIC's for internet (WAN) traffic.

In VmWare the two LAN NIC's are grouped, and the two WAN nic's are grouped for redundancy. (if one link goes down, the other one remains up.) - They are also connected to four switches, that are also set up in a redundant manner.

This allows a physical separation between LAN and WAN for security and performance, and a fully redundant network.

Nowerdays with VLAN's you can get away with separating LAN/WAN on the same switch, but many sysadmins and corporations are (with good reason) paranoid enough to not trust their network separation to a VLAN configuration in a switch (which can be hacked to change the config). Physical separation is simpler than VLAN's and not subject to (malicious) misconfiguration in the switches.


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