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Search my personal wiki first, then go to Google?


I haven't been hanging around here very much since I switched to mainly using Linux, but I thought you guys might have an idea of where I should start researching this.  Bear in mind I have pretty much no coding skills but I kind of want to learn anyway, so a little project might be a good place to start.

Anyway I have been collecting various tidbits of information, articles, etc. on a personal tiddlywiki (mostly using the TiddlySnip extension for Firefox) for a few years now, and I have lots of little bits and pieces stored in this way.  I like this particular setup because it is cross-platform and I can keep my wiki online at tiddlyspot for free, so if I want to access it from elsewhere I can.  But I often forget to search the wiki for information. 

I would like to have a program/Firefox extension that would somehow search my wiki first, and then go on to search Google (or whatever search engine) for a given term.  I imagine the results would be presented in a Firefox tab, with a section that marks out which results are from the wiki and then which ones are from the web.  Maybe with tabs, like Dogpile?  That aspect of the design is pretty unimportant at this point.

Can anyone offer some suggestions as to how I might do something like this?  Or, indeed, if something already exists to do it?

Would this (rather old) article help you get this started?

Or this generator, that probably does the 'hard work' for you?

Or this useful page


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