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When you make your 100'th Post

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In his 100'th Post in the DC Forums, Rover talked about his 100'th post.

"Well, it's like they say, 'Times sure fun when you're having flies.'" 

You can be sure about that...  ;)

EhEh.. That was a nice idea!
I should have remembered to make a topic like this when i made my 100th post here.
How about changing this topic's name to "Members 100'th posts", so as people can post here their 100th post, and talk about their experience? (eheh... these crazy ideas must be because of the advanced hour ;) )

Thought I'd immortalize #200..   My obsession with round numbered posts must stop  :o

Oh, and here is the screen shot:  :D

Yay it's my 100th post! 8) :D ;D :Thmbsup: :eusa_dance: :greenclp:

congratulations to Rover and Deozaan.

personally I'd like to commemorate the first use of recursion on the forum by celebrating Rover's 200th post post.


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