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Babbage Difference Engine & Antikythera Device - in LEGO!!!


Having always loved complex mechanical devices, and never having fully outgrown LEGO, I decided to explore where computational mechanics and LEGO meet. This is not LEGO as toy, art, or even the MindStorms® fusion of LEGO and digital electronics. This is almost where Steampunk and LEGO meet. Hand cranked devices that perform complex mechanical tasks.
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The Antikythera Mechanism, based on an original from 150 B.C.E., predicts solar eclipses.
The Difference Engine model can compute 3rd order polynomials.  8)

Found via Zoe Brain - my kind of geek!  :Thmbsup:

Cool stuff. Your first link needs an L at the end of htm for it to work. :Thmbsup:

Very cool. Also thanks for the link to A.E. Brain's blogsite.  :Thmbsup:

Bookmarked it for a more leisurely perusal later on.  Which (for me) is a pretty rare thing.  :)


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