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Make all Dialog Boxes and Browser Popups come up where the Cursor is

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Hi forum,

using a triple monitor setup (with Nvidia graphics card), I was wondering whether there is a tool that makes popup windows - like dialogs and the like - appear always on the screen where the mouse pointer is (or alternatively, where the main application is).

Thanks already for any hints anyone might have,

Cheers David.P

Check out DialogMove from jgpaiva:

Whoaa, great stuff --- thanks  :)

be aware that if you happen to try to click on a button just a fraction of a second after some other box is beginning to pop up, you will quite often happen to be clicking this new button - the one you didn't think you were clicking because you were not yet aware of it. At least it happened to me on several occasions.

Did you get the newest version: ?

Yes thanks. Already got the new version on my triple monitor setup. Great tool. It even moves context menus that pop up on another screen back to the mouse!


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