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Make all Dialog Boxes and Browser Popups come up where the Cursor is

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Just to be sure, have you tried running it with administrator rights?  You could also try it in XP compatibility mode.

Having moved to 64-bit Win 7, DialogMove doesn't work for me any more!  :(

What else do we know that will  move the pointer to the button, or the button to the pointer?

-Curt (March 21, 2012, 06:21 PM)
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I'm on 64 bit and still use DialgoMove (can't live without it). UAC is completely disabled on my machine though.

arghh, this is why I said I wanted to restore a list of the programs that I had on my previous 32-bit system, Vista, before overwriting it with 64-bit W7. Now I need that list; I really should have fought harder to get it. I know I have been using DialogMove at some point in time, but I am not all certain I was using it when my Vista died on me, because I so feel certain that the program I was using that day, would make the mouse pointer move to the button, not the button to the pointer, AND that it would work on "Open..." and "Save as..."-boxes as well. Was I merely dreaming?

What else do we know that will  move the pointer to the button,
or the button to the pointer?-Curt (March 21, 2012, 06:21 PM)
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re-edited 6 hours later: oh, it is that easy!  :-[


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