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Make all Dialog Boxes and Browser Popups come up where the Cursor is

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David.P: that's not really the objective of DialogMove, the intention is to move the boxes to bellow the mouse and not to the correct monitor.
Maybe you can make a new request in the Coding Snacks forum ;)

I have to agree. That would be a new util completely.

But a fairly easy one to create ;)
The only reason I don't do it myself is because I don't have a second monitor right now and it's a pain to create and test these based on other people's feedback. But I'm pretty sure someone would do it easily in the coding snacks section ;)

Thanks everyone :up:

I have started a respective topic over at the Coding Snacks section.

Having moved to 64-bit Win 7, DialogMove doesn't work for me any more!  :(

What else do we know that will  move the pointer to the button, or the button to the pointer?


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