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Not-so-mini review of CrashPlan backup software

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Yeah, I'm using 2 backup sets already. I'm not sure that would make it less memory-intensive or perhaps *more*...

- Oshyan

This thread might be useful for people thinking of CrashPlan -- it goes into more detail about some alternatives and my personal mixed experiences with CrashPlan.

I posed an update on this thread about my recent (and someone reluctant) purchase of CrashPlan family plan.

Sooo, I started running into a persistent crashing issue with, er, CrashPlan (hah!). Upon contacting support, they indicated it seemed to be running out of memory and that I should up the amount allowed for the service process. OK. Default is 512MB. Increased to 768MB. Nope. 1024MB. No... 2048MB? Yes, it works! And oddly, for a few days, seems to be using little more than the 500MB it was originally allowed, even though a 768MB allowance did not let it run. But wait... a few more days later and the service process is now using 1.5GB!? Oh damn. A week later, ~2GB. Well crap. Response from their support is "You have a complex/big backup set, CrashPlan is doing a lot of work, it's going to take a lot of memory." OK, I say, "Do you think this is "normal" for anyone backing up this much data in general, or is this just CrashPlan?" Unsurprisingly, their answer is "I can't comment on other software." So now I'm really wondering if this is just what I have to put up with because of my "big data" needs (I hope and think not!). Hence my new thread, hehe:

- Oshyan

Sounds like they have a memory leak in CrashPlan. Yep, memory leaks in garbage-collected languages, whowouldathunk? ;)


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