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Newsletter for March 29th, 2011 - "6th ANNIVERSARY FUNDRAISER - FINAL DAYS"

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Newsletter for March 29th, 2011"MARCH 2011 6th ANNIVERSARY FUNDRAISER - FINAL DAYS"

1. Newsletter Editorial - 6th ANNIVERSARY FUNDRAISER: The Final 3 Days

It's 6am on Tuesday March 29th as I write this.  We're down to the final 3 days of our 6th Anniversary Fundraiser at  As of today we have raised $11,673 dollars from 488 individuals.  A huge thank you to everyone who has donated in the last 28 days (and since we opened the site in 2005!).

With 3 days left to the fundraiser, my mission now is to convince those of you who have been sitting on the fence to take a deep breath and finally jump in and join us with a donation of any amount.  It only takes a minute of your time and you can donate using or or a number of other services.  In fact let me challenge those of you who like the idea of our site but who have not yet donated to at least do *something*.  If you are not comfortable donating online -- our address is on the website, send in some cash or a check in an envelope -- or just send in a postcard saying you like what we do.  But do *something* to let us know you want us to keep going.

We are sooo close to breaking the $12,000 goal line (which is double what we were originally shooting for and which would pay for 2 years of hosting and site administration costs) -- and even within glorious striking distance of breaking our 2009 fundraising achievement of $13,838.  If you're reading this now, then it's in your hands.  Your donation can put us over the finish line.

And if you need an additional incentive to make a donation -- in 3 days time (April 1 deadline to enter!) we are giving out a large assortment of prizes, including hardware, software, and coding/development time on an idea of your choice, as well as some rare and fun memorabilia staring our mascot, Cody the bird.  The giveaway is open to all donators -- you'll find a link to it below.

If you don't follow the forum regularly, our newsletters are actually a pretty good way to keep up.  And this edition is packed to the brim with useful links.  I hope it will also serve as the final piece of the puzzle to convince you to get up and join us with a donation.  We've actually been trying to do something new almost every day during the fundraiser -- a software update, a new utility release, or a member-written mini-review, and you can browse those below.  A big thanks to everyone on the forum who participated by contributing something.

Oh and if you've donated already -- thank you! And don't forget to post a little cheer in the fundraising celebration thread and join us for the final hours and minutes of the fundraiser countdown.

See you on the forum!

* Donate now
* Official Fundraiser Blog Day by Day
* Enter the giant giveaway for supporting members
* The March 2011 6th Anniversary Fundraiser Cheer for Victory Thread!

2. Giant Giveaway - Entry Deadline April 1st

To celebrate our 6th Anniversary Fundraiser, we are having a giveaway extravaganza, with lots of different things being given away, including software, hardware, programming time, custom/rare cody/dc memorabilia, and a few random surprises.  This is a very big giveaway, but it's only open for a couple of days -- entry closes on April 1st, 2011!

* Giveaway open to all supporting/donating DC members: Read more and enter now.

3. DC Software Updates

Since the last newsletter I've updated many of my larger applications (those that use DC License keys).  This might be a good time to have a look at what they do if you're not familiar with them.

* Screenshot Captor v2.93.01 with new pixelate effect
* Find and Run Robot v2.98.01
* Form Letter Machine v1.12
* LaunchBar Commander v1.124
* Clipboard Help+Spell v1.47 - and a new video tour
* URL Snooper v2.29.01
* Desktop Coral v1.10.01
* Drag and Drop Robot v1.13.01
* Mircryption v1.20.01 (and blowssi version update too)
* Webcam Video Diary v1.02.01

4. Coding Snacks and DC Member Software

In addition to DC Coders regularly posting their own software, one of the coolest areas of our forum is the Coding Snacks section.  Visitors can request small, customized utilities that are written by talented volunteers and made available free of charge.

* Skwire's sWeather (great tray-based weather app)
* Skwire's Birthdays (keep track of family and friends birthdays)
* Skwire's Regex Sorter
* Skwire's Steam URL Converter
* Skwire's SFV Ninja
* NANY 2011 Roundup -- If you haven't browsed the NANY 2011 apps yet.
* Stoic Joker's (File & Folder) Fix When
* RandomPlayer: Play a mp3 file at (almost) random intervals
* DropZone: Drop target to move files to predefined folders
* WinButtons: On Screen Button That Sends Keyboard Commands
* Excel2Html: Commandline tool to create html pages from excel files
* WinSendKeys: Simple Commandline to send Keystrokes
* timns Friendly Password Generator

5. DC Community Mini-Reviews and Guides

We love it when readers post new mini-reviews, and there have been quite a few new ones posted since the last newsletter:

* Stylizer 5.1 - a sophisticated CSS editor
* Certificate Provider: Mini-Review
* Bookmark Docs - MiniReview
* Mini-review of "Fileminimizer Pictures" compression tool
* Centerbase CRM - Mini-Review
* First look - Scrivener Beta 017 - Mini-Review
* Using Skype to Monitor Remote Systems
* Micro-mini Review of Lipsum text generator
* Mini-Review: Realtime Landscaping
* Mini-Review: Clock-on-Desktop from Positbolt Software
* Bringing the computer into PnP RPGaming
* Android widget micro reviews
* Android apps micro reviews
* Howto+script for android phone as 5 action programmable PC remote
* Starcraft II: the couch-potato experience!

6. Website Discoveries, Debates, and Discussions

What's new in cyberspace? What exciting new sites have been discovered by forum members?  What's the current hot topic and debate? Read on to find out..

* The creators of no-longer-with-us products explain what went wrong
* Blogpost: 25 Things I Hate About Google, Revisited 5 Years Later
* Gizmo Puts Out The Call For Freeware Reviewers
* 20 New User Misconceptions about Linux
* - New blog by dc member Renegade
* New Wolfram Mathematica Demo-page
* Front Page Changes?

7. Fun, Humour and Amusements on the Web

If you've read the newsletter up to this point, take a break and check out the lighter side of the forum - humour, videos, and games..

* Lift: Short Film on Everyday People
* A (Shockingly) Short History Of "Hello"
* Black ops: how HBGary wrote backdoors for the government
* Strange subtleties of the Placebo Effect
* 8 stupid amazon products with impressively sarcastic reviews
* Cracking the Scratch Lottery Code
* RedLetterMedia Reviews Star Wars and more
* The Candy Enthusiast Blog
* WikiRebels: an unbiased (IMO) and informative doco on Wikileaks
* Flash Sniper Game of the Week: Sierra 7
* Z-Type - Type to shoot
* Newspaper Article: The Dirty Little Secrets of Search
* Baby Cody arrives in Stuttgart Germany

8. General Software Discussion

Almost half the posts on the DC forum take the form of general software discussions, questions, recommendations, etc. These posts wind up in the General Software Discussion section and make it one of the most active sections of the DC forum. This is a great resource if you're trying to solve a software or hardware-related problem. We get so much traffic on this board that we split the recent content into two sections in the newsletter - general software and specific software discussions.

* Photo managers with face recognition?
* BM-productions: useful & free
* Any XML gui tools out there?
* Can anybody recommend a free XML to PDF or RTF converter?
* Best Text Expander software for Windows
* Outlining software recommendations?
* Startup Applications List: Executables that do/don't need to boot with windows
* Fast/Responsive programs: An official SuperboyAC list

9. Specific Software Discussion

Here you'll find some of the standout discussions about specific programs that have been started since the last newsletter.

* TabSubmit: Great Firefox 4 addon let's you Ctrl click to submit forms for new tabs
* Upgrading RoboForm from v6 to v7: worthwhile?
* Stacey - An interesting, simple flat file CMS
* hooeey webprint - browser history tool
* MonitorES
* eType - nice free auto spell checker word suggestion (and basic translation)
* Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch - Aaawwweeesssooommmeee
* Nemo - it's like Outlook Calendar for files
* WRITEMONKEY 2.0 for Windows
* Wikidforum - New forum software with wiki and CMS support
* Great Scanner functions in ScreenshotCaptor
* Lyx is the answer?

10. Developer's Corner

The title of this section shouldn't scare you off - there is definitely something of interest for everyone here! It's more than just a section for the discussion of software development, it's also where we discuss web design, entrepreneurial ideas, and general productivity issues.  It's great to see that the section has been pretty active recently.

* PythonProtoCards - Open Source Lib to Prototype Card Game Images
* Elgan: Why digg failed
* Fascinating story about the consequences of sharing your art in the Internet age
* Should I work for free?
* Perils and Pitfalls of Online Community Management
* Borders Goes Bankrupt - The Death of Print at Retail?
* List of Top 100 Design Websites
* Dealing with the people who think they might want to be your new client. Almost.
* Micropayments now officially supported by PayPal
* New (Feb 1 2011) "Starter" Editions of Delphi and C++ Builder
* Checking for available domain name = giving it away?
* More thoughts on micro vs macro donations and the turning point for donationware

11. Hardware Hideout

We tend to focus on websites and software on the forum, but that doesn't mean that DC forum members aren't always on the lookout for cool new gadgets and information on maximizing their computer's performance.

* A Card Reader Recommendation -- they really do transfer at different speeds
* Which is more important, system ram or video ram?
* CPU Question: More Mhz per core or more cores?
* A NAS server for my home?

great newsletter, lot of software goodies this month! 8)

It was hard narrowing down the latest topics on the forum to just these -- I really can't let so much time pass between newsletters again!

And if you've read down this far and you haven't donated yet, just go for it already and make a donation!

Easy.. go grab a beer ;)

Nice Indeed. I don't work with banks or similar. Perhaps I can help translating.

Best Regards


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