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Release: SFV Ninja (Simple File Verification application)

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I'd like to be able to copy a checksum to the clipboard...but I haven't figured out how.  Is there already a way?

I noticed that double-clicking on a row seems to result in a value getting displayed in the cell corresponding to the checksum column.  I'm guessing that what I'm seeing is a CRC32 value -- even when in MD5 or SHA-1 mode.  Is this expected behavior?

The latest update should fix both issues.  Thanks for reporting them.

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v1.0.6 - 2011-10-31
    + Added right-click context menu to the list to allow copying the
      checksum to the clipboard.  (Thanks, ewemoa)
    ! Double-clicking a row verified the file in CRC32 mode instead of the
      currently selected mode.  (Thanks, ewemoa)

Thanks for the update!  Double-clicking and right-clicking both give expected results here now :)

I forgot to thank lanux128 for pointing me at SFV Ninja.

Thanks lanux128 :)

On the issue of additional hashing algorithms, I think OpenSSL supports a variety of hashes and is theoretically buildable on Windows -- licensing info from Wikipedia follows:

OpenSSL is "dual licensed" under the OpenSSL License and the SSLeay License.  OpenSSL License is Apache License 1.0 and SSLeay License is 4-clause BSD License. The common usage of the term dual-license is that the user may pick which license they wish to use. However, OpenSSL documentation uses the term dual-license to mean that both licenses apply.

As the OpenSSL License is Apache License 1.0, but not Apache License 2.0, it requires the phrase This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. ( to appear in advertising material and any redistributions (Sections 3 and 6 of the OpenSSL License).

--- End quote ---

Also, licensing info from the OpenSSL site:

Website | Download
v1.0.7 - 2011-11-10
    + Added SHA-256 support.  (Thanks, ewemoa)


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