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Release: SFV Ninja (Simple File Verification application)

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Name SFV Ninja (Simple File Verification application)Short Description SFV (Simple File Verification) application.  It also supports MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 checksum files.  I wrote this several years ago for my own use but cleaned up the code for a public release.
* Two verifcation modes.  The first will verify all files in the list like any typical SFV application.  The second mode will only verify any newly added files.  This second mode allows you to "update" an existing SFV file without having to verify all of the files.
* Recursively scan a folder for SFV/MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256 files and load them all at once.
* Uses relative paths whenever possible when generating checksum files.Supported OSes Windows 7.  Probably works, but not tested, on Windows XP/Vista/8/10 Website Download Link Download Author Jody Holmes - Skwire Empire
Release: SFV Ninja (Simple File Verification application)

this is nice.. thanks! :Thmbsup:

Screenshot looks nice - does it have decent progress bars? Does speed rock? Does it handle >2GB files? Does it support the MD5 SFV extensions?

I personally still use the freeware FlashSFV 2.0f (iirc done by the guys that did FlashFXP) - but at one point it kinda disappeared off the radar, and I haven't checked out the most recent 2.6. Might be interesting to pit it against your tool :)

does it have decent progress bars?
Does speed rock?
Does it handle >2GB files?
Does it support the MD5 SFV extensions?-f0dder (March 28, 2011, 11:08 AM)
--- End quote ---

* The progress bar is less than desirable by your standards, I'd say.
* Speed should be fine.  It is for me, anyway.
* I've tested with 1GB sized files.  Now tested successfully with 4GB sized files.
* No, only standard CRC32 SFV files.  Now supports SFV, MD5 & SHA-1 checksum files.
One of the main reasons I wrote this five years ago was that I wanted to be able to easily scan through a directory, load all the SFV files found and batch check them.  Nothing I could find back then really suited my purposes.

I just tested out the latest FlashSFV and, unless I'm mistaken (entirely possible), here are some of my findings:

* It can't handle Unicode paths.
* It can only create an SFV file out of files from one folder.
* It does not save the SFV with relative paths.  In other words, if you save the created SFV into another folder other than the one with the checksummed files, it won't work anymore.
The above items are important to me so SFV Ninja does all three.  It handles Unicode paths just fine and writes its SFV files out in UTF-8 format.  You can also build an SFV file out of files that come from any number of folders.  The resulting SFV file is then saved with paths relative to the save folder of the SFV file.  Furthermore, I tested out SFV Ninja on a 4GB VM hard drive file and it worked just fine.  Give it a shot, you may like it.   :D


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