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What Android Apps Do You Use?

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I cannot seem to find wired earbuds that will work with over the air FM Radio apps.  The wire in the earphone jack is never tight enough to be dependable as antenna.  Besides, with myTuner I can listen to internet radio streams for stations I liked when I lived in Boston.

I haven't tried it while walking around yet.  But I did not see any comments complaining about dropped connectios so I hope for the best.   8)

After watching a tech video, switched back from a try with DuckDuckGo's similar and now using regularly RethinkDNS

This video about "Best Ad-Blocker Apps" from HowToMen is the one that helped me decide.

And while i like Firefox, it is so much slower (for me) than Vivaldi.
Huge fan of url box at bottom option along with reader mode (Firefox outperforms here any other AFAIK).
But Vivaldi speed over Firefox is tops!

I just found a free music player app called CloudBeats that allows me to easily queue tunes to play directly from folders on my Google Drive.  I have only messed with it for a short time this morning.  But it only took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to add music files to the play queue without having to download them first.

Very intuitive to use.   :Thmbsup:


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