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Name Steam URL Converter Short Description Steam allows you to create shortcuts on your desktop to launch games.  However, these shortcuts are not standard Windows .LNK files.  They are .URL files and, sometimes, they don't show the proper icon for the intended game even if the .URL file contains the correct information.  This app tries to solve the issue by converting the .URL shortcut into a .LNK shortcut.  Simply drag the .URL file onto the SteamURLConverter.exe file and it will immediately create a .LNK file in the same folder as the .URL file.Supported OSes All Windows Web Page Website Download Link Download Author Jody Holmes - Skwire Empire Credits Special thanks to lanux128 for the original idea.

thanks to skwire for this tool. :up:

the Steam shortcuts are a bit wonky on my PC, they always get the IE's globe icon instead of the actual icon. this tool helps to fix that, also it's easier to input command-line parameters on an .lnk file than an .url one. :)

This is extremely convenient!  NICE!  Thanks so much.

Nice idea for a tool!  One of my quirks with the way Steam modified the lnk files into their new format has been a bugger for me.  I am excited to find this tool.


I am going to test this one out tonight.

Great.  Let me know what the results are.  =]


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