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Anyone testing Daminion Media Manager ?

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Is anyone testing Daminion ?
It is in beta so is still rather unsteady but it looks good so far - any comments ?
(I have no relation with the company !)

foresee that the final versions (most likely) will be shareware only.

No, I am not testing it. I merely installed it to have a look, and then removed it again.

It looks promising but the lack of info on future pricing also puts me off.

- Oshyan

Well I checked with the developer Murat H. Korkmazov and he said this :

"We plan to release 3 editions of the Daminion Standalone

Daminion Free - $0
Daminion Std - $99 US
Daminion Pro - $199 US"

I don't yet know the differences between the versions.

I *know* nothing about this, but I *feel* it is likely that Daminion is based upon a program that used to be made by MasRizal - because it is no longer on their site. Their prices also used to be identical to the ones you quoted.


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