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entering my old license to my new win7 platform


I have a license  for donation coder software from two machines ago. I tried entering it for LaunchBar Commander and got an error message the the syntax was wrong. Has my license expired? Is there another issue?  My old ID was "Cootercat" though I couldn't find a password that gos with it. I'm not even sure if I donated or not.  :-[ Do you have records and a little advice on how I should proceed?


Don't know if this applies to Participants or other categories of Membership, but I know for me (as a Supporting Member) I can go to my member profile and it is the third section in the profile.  It is simply a link that says "Generate a license key for programs".  Otherwise, I think you probably have to request a new key.

here's your old ID:;u=121514

But it's just as easy to get license from your current one, go to this link:

thanks. Guess I'll start fresh with a new #. But, how did you get to my old Cootersdad profile? I don't have the password.


... I don't have the password.
-Briansdad (March 25, 2011, 08:16 AM)
--- End quote ---

me neither!!

I searched for it - upper-right of the page there's a searchbox and a dropdown list where you can choose members.
If you do want to use the older ID again, you could log out, and when logging in, click on the forgot password link under the login box - then you can just give the user name. Of course the email address you used for that regristration will have to be accessible still.


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