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Virus question


Hello, I just started the clipboard help+spell program and I got a warning from Avast antivirus that it had a .Heuristic virus or something like that and I thought you should know about it. I never got a warning or anything when I installed the program so don't know how it got there. I will uninstall and re-download and try again and see if it is still there or if something later put it in. :tellme:

I just re-downloaded via the dcupdater and there is no problem now, must have gotten somehow after it was installed. Don't know enough about how to find out but at least now I have a good working program thanks to you.


Thanks for the report -- those heuristic antivirus alarms are almost entirely worthless and serve no other purpose than the panic people and make them think something is wrong when it isn't -- first thing i do when installing an antivirus is turn off the heuristic options.


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