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Robosoft from Ground Zero

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Nothing about OpenCandy yet (getting there), but more on PAD and Robosoft:

Writing PAD Content is Off-site SEO

If you are writing in PADGen, you need to stop, unless you are an extremely talented writer, in which case you’d probably know better anyways. That goes for all the program descriptions, press release, and other “copy”. Things like download URLs are trivial, so just enter that into PADGen normally.

The most important fields when you write your PAD file are:

--- End quote ---

It's slow going there. The hairy stuff is yet to come. :)

Turbo-Charging Robosoft with DynamicPAD (Part 1)

In this post I outline the basic problem that you need to overcome. In the next few posts, I'm going to post the solution.

You kind of need to read all of my posts on the topic to understand everything. It all goes to off-site SEO and how you can optimize that for your software. I don't repeat things, so if you're wondering "why" about certain things, check the other posts. They are all categorized under a few categories:

etc. etc.

Turbo-Charging Robosoft with DynamicPAD (Part 2)

Things start to pick up more in my most recent post there. It gets you ready to enter all of your multiple sets of PAD text.

Well, got the next installment up with the first results:

Results for "photo resizer"

Considering the site started from absolute zero, it's not too bad.

Turbo-Charging Robosoft with DynamicPAD (Part 3)

Part 3 is up, and the whole process is almost done. There's enough information up there now to get started, although I will be outlining more so that everything is up there in a step-by-step way. (Although some steps will not be in strict order.)


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