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Nemo - it's like Outlook Calendar for files

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Thanks guys for the find and review. Nemo Documents looks  unique and innovative-- at least I've not seen anything else quite like it.

Those interested can see the freewaregenius review here. There it indicates .NET 3.5 SP1 or later is required.

Thanks a lot, Paul. I found this program a while back on freewaregenius, but didn't have time to try.

Revisiting freewaregenius and Nemo's homepage the site just now, and found myself wondering what's so good about looking at files in a calendar. I decided to check here first before installing it, and found your review. Well written indeed. Much appreciated.

I can see where this would be very valuable for someone who was trying to stay on top of a distributed collaborative project. If each part of the project had it's own file (like articles for a website, code sections, or chapters in a book) it would be easy for whoever was responsible for seeing deadlines met to get a quick oversight of what was being worked on and when.

Don't know how widespread a need there is using it as a dashboard like this. But I could see several viable uses for it in a publishing or writing project where a traditional version control system would be overkill.

Just out of curiosity I downloaded the Nemo Documents desktop application and tried it out, yesterday. It is still $FREE.
Quite a good GUI, and very fast/responsive, with the ability to attach labels and Person (email contacts).
You would need to buy the email component to enable the Person (email contacts) component - which could potentially be quite a useful feature.
To make best use of Nemo, it needs to be running all the time, as it apparently keeps its file status catalogues up-to-date by hooking-in with WDS Indexing and NTFS.

The current/latest version is now Nemo Documents v1.3.2 (of update 2014-02-25).

I don't think I'll keep this installed though, as it doesn't really offer me anything that I think I need or could use, though the feature for file labelling - singly or en masse - also could potentially be quite a useful feature.

Nice tool, but somewhere along the road it lost its Linux-ability :o That seemed like a nice-to-have feature, but _I_ won't be using it that way, anyways.


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