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Release: Birthdays (simple birthday tracking app)

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I serve the public and the public hath spoken!  The age column stays. 

As for your issue, nogojoe, I haven't seen that happen.  The columns get resized when the app first displays, when a birthday is added, and when you resize the app.  If you lose a column again, try resizing the app slightly to see if that brings them back in line.

Afraid it's time for a few optional features for those that don't like or need them:

    Age column on or off
    Notes on of off
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* Giving the user the choice is most of the time the best option - though not for the one who has to program it  ;)
* That "Notes" pane takes needless screen space - if you don't use it.

Brilliant I love it, thank you... So far I have relayed on my mums excellent organisation-skills to remember birthday, but now time to take responsibility and thanks to you, your wonderful smart wife and mother in law I am a grown-up!!!

Notes window and age column are now toggle-able.

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v1.0.8 - 2011-04-01
    + Added a toolbar button to toggle the age column.  (Thanks, V. Holmes)   
    * Changed the Notes pane to a separate window and added a toolbar button to
      toggle it.  Size and position are saved.

Brilliant I love it, thank you...-Zhalanna (April 01, 2011, 04:35 PM)
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You're welcome.  I'm glad you find it useful.   :)


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