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Release: Birthdays (simple birthday tracking app)

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Great job!  :Thmbsup:
(Btw, very handy that the month is already prefilled according to which month's table you last clicked on)

That's how I like apps to work.
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That's a valid argument. ;)

Moreover, using escape calls the same routine as exiting the app so everything is saved, etc.
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Except for the position/size.  :P
Those are not saved when I exit the app with Esc while they are when I exit via the menu or via the upper right close button.

Helps when I uncomment certain lines of code, eh?   :D

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v1.0.3 - 2011-03-18
    ! Size & position weren't saved under some circumstances.  (Thanks, zzynx)

Helps when I uncomment certain lines of code, eh? :D
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Thanks for the quick update.

Btw, I browsed around in Skwire Empire and I can't wait to let CoverArt Ops process my quite huge music library...  8)
Would you know if a similar application exists for checking the bitrates? (BitRate Ops)

Keep in mind that CovArt Ops does NOT download covers or anything like that.  It simply shows you which folders do/don't have art in them (as well as their "quality" for lack of a better term).  My PlayTime app will show you the bitrates of your audio files.

Excellent little helper. Kudos to grandma Marlene. Love the icons. Wish they were pop out cake style icons, though  :D

A request (or two)...

1. add to the right-click menu a check/uncheck all just for a specific month.
2. would love to add a comment/note by double clicking on a particular birthday. Is that possible?




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