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FSekrit 1.40 Error Saving File

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I've been using FSekrit 1.40 for a long time now. However, recently, I've noticed that after opening one of my files, I always get an "error saving file" message the first time I try to save new information added to a file. It always works after that, but never on the first try. Then it saves an fSekrit.tmp file to my desktop.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Is there a way to fixing this?

Thanks again for this software. It's easy to use, small in size, and it has gotten the job done for nearly 2 years now.

Hm, this sounds strange!

Which OS are you running?

What, if any, anti-virus/malware/whatever programs/suites are you running?

Where do your TMP and TEMP environment variables point? It sounds strange for the tempfile to go to your desktop, unless you have your document there and the "fsekrit.portable" file.

Is there anything peculiar about your Windows setup? Stuff like having the fSekrit document in a dropbox/spideroak/whatever monitored folder counts as "peculiar".

A similar problem. And ALWAYS and in all versions (1.35, 1.40)

FSekrit 1.40 Error Saving File

Can not save changes, but if you leave for 5 minutes and try, as a rule retains.

Windows 7 x86 with the latest updates. Antivirus Avira  (security software, which is deeply integrated into the system and theoretically may cause such errors) - the problem does not go away when the deactivation.
Maybe not enough to turn off and require complete removal?

In safe mode there is no problem.

It may help startup list than that:

FSekrit 1.40 Error Saving File

How else can I help to solve the problem?

Sorry for my English.

Avira removed completely - It did not help. The problem remained.

I tried to boot in msconfig -> "Diagnostic Setup" - did not help, the problem persists.

In Safe Mode is no error. I'm at a loss :(

Where are you trying to save to?


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