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Fsekrit fails to run Thai text searches


I have used fSekrit for a while. The application is excellent, particularly capable of writing and reading the Thai language by default. The problem that I have faced, however, is that fSekrit cannot run a search of texts written in Thai. The search term can readily be written in Thai in the application's search box, but when a search is executed, it cannot find its search target, even though the target search phrase does exist.

I would be grateful if any one could please advise if there is a way to resolve the problem. Or if this is a bug related to the application, I am hopeful there will be a solution to it in a future application upgrade. Thank you.


There's a pretty good chance that you are correct - fSekrit uses the ANSI rather than Unicode APIs for text searching. I didn't bump into this problem myself, since Danish is simple enough to fit into an OEM codepage. More complex languages like Thai will probably fail.

Plans for "version next" (which still doesn't have a timeline) is dropping Win9x support and being fully Unicode. It's going to be a while before I get around to doing that, but I might be able to add Unicode search as a minor upgrade to the 1.x line. I currently don't have a development environment on my home machine, though, and I'm waiting for Visual Studio 2017 to be released before I go through the trouble of setting it up.

I expect it to be a pretty easy fix, but will probably break Win9x support - something I wanted to avoid doing for version 1.x.

Thank you very much, f0dder, for your kind answer to my question.

For your information, I have run similar tests with Microsoft Notepad and Ted Notepad, both of which are also ANSI-encoded by default, relating specifically to text searching. It happened the two text editors could search and locate Thai text fine.

Kind regards

You're thinking of file encoding, though :)

Notepad (on NT derived Windows versions) uses the Unicode APIs. I just took a quick look at Ted Notepad, and it's a Unicode application as well. I haven't looked deeply at Ted, but Notepad internally uses a "Rich edit control", which (even on Win9x) internally uses Unicode. It's when interacting with the rest of the system you run into ANSI/Unicode issues - Win9x has an extremely limited Unicode support, which is the reason fSekrit is an ANSI application.

The issue is here :) - I could probably get away with just local modifications to that file to get Unicode search support, before doing the proper rewrite of the whole application.

Thank you. Your explanation truly educates me. I must confess I myself am very superficial and limited in computer knowledge, much less in coding.

Kind regards.


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