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Best Text Expander software for Windows

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By the way, the Yadabyte Subtext program seemed simple and fine, until I rebooted and it lost all of my newly entered abbreviations and corrections :(

I installed Phrase Express but could not figure out how to customize it to autocorrect my spelling errors.
It has built-in correction dictionaries but didn't make it obvious at all how to build one's own.-HankFriedman (May 14, 2011, 10:14 AM)
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They'd probably point you to a video on their Web site.   They have quite a lot, though they don't make them obviously visible from the front page.  The support person, who posts here as BartelsMedia, has posted links to them.  You could also ask in their forums - but don't dare compare with another product, or even suggest any other product exists.  Typing Assistant that I currently use makes it easy to get at auto-correction.  It looks like it can do bulk imports too, though I've not tried that.  But, it's payware for all uses, though modestly priced.

I installed Phrase Express but could not figure out how to customize it to autocorrect my spelling errors.-HankFriedman (May 14, 2011, 10:14 AM)
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With PhraseExpress, you actually don't need to manually create custom AutoCorrect entries at all. PhraseExpress automatically detects frequently individual misspellings automatically for you and store them without any manual interaction.

Adding your own AutoCorrect entry is as easy as creating a regular new phrase: Enter the correct spelling as a phrase and enter the misspelling as an Autotext. Step-by-step video tutorial:

PhraseExpress can also import Microsoft Word AutoCorrect entries for use in any program.

You can even import AutoCorrect list from web pages like with the batch import feature.

All that free-of-charge for personal use.

Hope, this helps.


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