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Best Text Expander software for Windows

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Typing Assistant, however, is not free for any use. -Mattphoes (March 14, 2011, 08:56 AM)
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That's true, but neither, as far as I am aware, are Breevy or Direct Access that you mentioned in your OP.

If it's an important document I would proof read it anyway.
With or without spell and phrase help.-cmpm (March 14, 2011, 09:35 AM)
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I have problems proof reading something I've written myself because I read what I think should be there, rather that what's really there.  I use text expanders more to shorten typing by using expansion on long words and phrases, rather than to ensure correct spelling.  I generally check everything above trivial size with the spelling checker built into whatever editor or word processor.

I've wondered, though, about something I read years ago.  On Linux, you tend to have one spell checker that's called by every program that needs it.  On Windows, every program has its own.  How many spell checkers do you need on one PC?  How much space are their dictionaries wasting?

I'd sure like to hear more about the Auspex bugs so I can fix them for people who do use it...  :)

Please feel free to comment here so they don't clutter up this thread.

^@timns- that would be for your "entertaining hobby" you have so much "enthusiasm" for and which deserves to be applauded?  :-\  ;)

One I recommend quite often is Yadabyte Subtext, quick, easy, free and portable if required

Yadabyte Subtext


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