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Best Text Expander software for Windows

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If you want formatted text: Utility Library Update ------------

RoboType accelerates your typing by providing a means to
associate boilerplate text, form letters, signatures, and
other reusable text, html, and images with short abbreviations.

Released: February 17, 2011
Version: 4.0

Learn more and download

RoboType 4: Type in Shorthand
By Tim Smith

only $7.97
No additional charge for Utility Library subscribers
Subscribe now just $19.97
Version: 4.1.8
Updated: March 9, 2011

Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, & 7 (32 & 64-bit)

Are you a tech support specialist who has to type the same responses to questions over and over? Or perhaps you're a lawyer or business professional typing the same name throughout a document? You can always copy and paste, but that's clumsy and slow. RoboType solved this problem when it was first released in 1997 by providing a means to associate boilerplate text, form letters, signatures, and other reusable text with short abbreviations. When you typed the abbreviations, RoboType replaced them with the expanded text.

Robotype 4 continues to build on the original's strong foundation but adds many new features including:
• Support for rich text, html, and images as replacement snippets
• The ability to replace date phrases with dates in multiple formats. For example, if you type "now," Robotype will offer to replace the text with the current date
• A new popup menu for the user to select replacement data if the same abbreviation has been assigned to multiple snippets
• A Random password generator. Type "password" and a dialog box for generating a password will appear
• The ability to launch programs based on an abbreviation. For example, if you're typing in notepad and want to add two numbers just type "calc" and Windows calculator will launch
• A new user interface featuring a tree and groups of abbreviations
• Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7
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Other than formatted text, the features aren't particularly exciting  <shrug>.  Not free, but very cheap.

^@timns- that would be for your "entertaining hobby" you have so much "enthusiasm" for and which deserves to be applauded?  :-\  ;)
-40hz (March 14, 2011, 11:03 AM)
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Hooray, someone noticed  ;D  ;D  ;D

One I recommend quite often is Yadabyte Subtext-kip (March 14, 2011, 11:17 AM)
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But very basic, and I once had it deleted from my USB stick as a false positive by an overenthusiastic college AV system.

Are you working for Phrase Express or it's parent company Mattphoes?
-cmpm (March 14, 2011, 09:35 AM)
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This.  And take a look at the posts of the OP. 

Yeah...  though not conclusive by any means, it does seem a bit suspicious...

No I am not. Would I've asked then? ;-)

I will Robotype a try but it looks pretty basic.


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