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Looking for Suggestions for Name of New Blog that Will be Abandoned

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For a name:

The Productivity Archive
Paul's Productivity Archive

Just a couple thoughts.

Well, if/when you want to set something up on Blogger, shoot me a PM and I'll guide you through initial setup basics and adding me as an admin so I can do some of the setup work for you, like I did for my dad. Once everything is done and you are ready for posting, you can remove me if you want (or leave me there, just in case you run into issues you need my help with).

I'll add my idea for a name:

FINALLY - Getting them done....


Getting them done, FINALLY....

or some variation thereof.

To be fair to mouser, I can't even figure out how to grab much of an audience with my forum posts so I don't event want to consider burdening mouser for that.
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It's not easy to get audience for site but if you're on platform like DC and also comment on other productivity blogs then slowly you'll get a lot of traffic. So i doubt if it'll in any way is burden on mouser.

The problem is, those CMS still require money.
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Which CMS ? Take a look at some of the free php cms - joomla, drupal, wordpress, mambo,textpattern, movable type, etc. all free and even some good themes are there for free.

As for name suggestions, let me try web 2.0 style.


Yeah a blog is really not going to be any burden for me or DC.. unless you are serving up huge videos, etc.
If you want we can create a blog for you at (preferably; i think wordpress is your clear choice for a blog engine.


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