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Looking for Suggestions for Name of New Blog that Will be Abandoned

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Paul Keith:
Within two weeks or so (maybe earlier) (maybe later) (but no later than this month), I will "semi" stop blogging and forum posting. (Link to that other thread)

I'm mostly posting in DC anyway so it should be possible. I'm not going to stop posting in forums entirely but I don't plan on making any new threads anymore. (only quick replies)

Before that, I wanted to make one last free blog which I will abandon.

The blog contents will be pretty much a copy of everything I've concluded currently about productivity (including all my posts in DC) and I was wondering if anyone have any suggestion for a name for that blog.

Looking for a name that is:

-future SEO agnostic (something that years from now, people who may need the advice will have a chance of finding)

-have a central theme

-something that will lead to clearer tags/organization structures

I haven't learned CSS unfortunately and I still know little about advanced blog set ups so I plan the lay-out to be "ugly" but hopefully readable.

Zero stock images - Zero screenshots - All images doodled/scanned from paper or played around with Paint.Net (and I'm not an artist)

Haven't settled on a font and haven't looked through the entire library of free themes has and as far as the lay-out, I'll probably try to copy App's Cranial Soup blog except for things like when images are besides the text and all the cool stuff like images underneath Things You May Like

It's not much but I'll give $10 donationcredits to the user whose suggestion I will use. I'd raise the credits but I only have $23.25 donationcredits total. All thanks from several different users here.

I m new here, just signed up.
I shall read your previous posting and perhaps I can give something to consider about.

Paul Keith:
Thanks rdzaccess.

My blog is Blogger, which is free and would be just as good of an option as using (maybe better because they don't restrict the use of Javascript widgets like does and your posts end up indexed by Google within minutes)

I am using one of their older default templates (Minima Dark) that has been tweaked to hell & back. The original template has no images at all and comes in both a black and white version, which I have copies of both if you need them. They have newer templates now which are better looking but just as simple and even easier to use, especially if you don't want to fuss with tweaking the code.

Minima was Blogger's most popular template for many years, and for good offers so many possibilities and is a great place to start when designing your own templates.

This is what the original looked like before I started messing around with it (Everything you see in the right column are optional widgets):

Paul Keith:
Thanks for the details app. Yeah, I've finally tried out a Blogger account, I guess my main reason for choosing Wordpress is because Google has a habit of stopping services at a dime and once they do, it's gone. Also since it's going to be an abandoned blog, I wanted to steer away from a hierarchy that's date centric.

Mind you, I'm not saying Wordpress is more reliable but since their business is entirely centered around blogs - I thought it stands a longer chance of staying up. They also have an entire community that serves like a pseudo-walled garden similar to Tumblr's culture so I thought I would hedge my abandoned blog there.

Although I'm still on the fence. Auto-posting to Posterous and then having those copies in Blogger and Wordpress is still a better back-up option but a part of me wants to pour it into one web interface. Sort of a mental thing to wash away any notion that I'm just writing for SEO/attention or new readers.

I sort of wanted to treat this like a goodbye blog to my imaginary audience. Just one consistent interface. One theme. One location. A set of posts.


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