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Baby Cody arrives in Stuttgart, Germany

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Hello fellow DCers, it's been quite a while since I've last been active on the forums.
This is going to change now since I'll be reporting on Baby Cody's adventures in Stuttgart.

A few minutes ago Cody flew through the door of shackspace, the Stuttgart hackerspace.
I managed to snap a quick photo of him when he landed right in the middle of one of the electronic lab's workbenches.
The guys at shackspace are currently in the middle of renovating their newly acquired space and then moving their stuff from the old to the new one.  Cody kindly offered to help with the logistics and will be supervising the move!

Stay tuned for more Baby Cody news over the following days!

nice to see Baby Cody fits in wherever he visits :Thmbsup:

Hey, he is relatively close to my place (compared to DoCo home), but still a bit too far to make a quick visit to shake wings :-\

gjehle, heads up with the move, with Baby Cody supervising I'm sure it will work out right ;)

Right on the can of wasabi nom nom.   ;D

very cool!

I am so glad to see him again :)


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