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Will Wright's Spore - 30 minute amazing video

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if you want to see an example of the amazing merging of emergent simulation and gaming, take a look at the amazing 30 minute demonstration by Will Wright of his new game Spore, where you evolve and build creatues.

That's an amazing video, and it demontrates what looks like great technology.
The way it handles the ambience is just perfect, and all the liberty the user has to change and go through the cenario is just impressive.
Oh, and the cenario.. At the end, the God powers are genious. It generates new scenarios and worlds that evolve based on the changes you've done to the scenario before. That's original ;)
I loved it, saw it almost all. Thanks!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:


I'm going to buy that when it hits the streets.

The video started out a little slow -- and spore evolution simulation? It's been done.  I looked at the length of the video, fidgeted, hit pause and stepped out for a smoke.

After some nicotine enriched fresh air, I committed myself to watching it -- and it gave me chills.  If the hands on is true to that teaser, this game exponentially transcends anything ever put in the hands of us mortals.  It strives to be everything you ever loved about every RTS game/god sim/galactic game you've played -- and more.

It looks . . . impossible.  I can't wait.  Is there an ETA?

Truely amazing... and I'm not even a gamer!  8)


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