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Do it yourself dropbox

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Hey people

I have managed to create a rig that lets me share my files(via local or distant connections). It is not a simple setup but I think it works well. When I have time I will write a a short tutorial about it. Basically I am using SSH(on Cygwin) and HFS( I send myfiles to Ssh server and share them with Hfs while I am creating the url for the file on the fly with simple bash console scripts(generated when the file is sent). I endup giving away a url that is similar to any web based sharing tools. I can send files within my network or from outside world.

Does anyone else created a do it yourself dropbox?

I personally like to make life harder for myself so that I can enjoy all the freedoms that comes with custom workflows and methods and I am always interested in what others have to offer as far as custom stuff goes. I do not like to put my data on someone else`s server so I rigged up my own ;)

What is cool is that I can send folders, zip them before sending, pipe other stuff, and even resume files (will use rsync) etc. And I have no MB limit ;)

I have several times thought about creating my own such synchronization service. But I have never actually started on it, that is, I never got past sshfs.

I want to have my personal service because I don't trust 'them'. Sometimes there terms & conditions are not really in my favor (all your stuff belong to us, but you are still liable). Having a system that works for clients on different platforms -- linux, windows, mac, mobile os -- would be awesome.

housetier: check out SpiderOak - while even the best providers might disappear without notice, at least the SpiderOak guys have no way to access your files. Client works on multiple OSes.

Are we saying that DropBox isn't to be trusted. Not wanting to start an argument, just wondering if I should stop using DropBox and move to SpiderOak.

I know I personally never put anything private into my Dropbox folder.


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