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V2 Beta of Clipboard Help+Spell With Support for Images

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I would user it and love it! :Thmbsup:

I would user it
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go ahead and user it!

I would user it and love it! :Thmbsup:
-DaveTheDuffer (May 06, 2011, 01:48 PM)
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V2 Beta with image support is here:
-mouser (April 26, 2011, 11:32 PM)
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IainB said:
@mouser: Just some feedback on CHS ß behaviour:
 * I notice that if I copy some types of text from MS OneNote, it goes into CHS as an image clip. It doesn't seem to consistently do this, and I have not yet figured out what the criteria are that govern whether it goes into CHS as text (which is what I usually want) or as an image.
 * CHS does not always copy when it is told to - i.e., no copy and no sound. If I go and do something else (clear the keyboard buffer?), then come back to the difficult copy, CHS will usually copy it OK.

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mouser said:
IainB, try to open up the CHS options and go to the new Stats tab, and see if you can reproduce the problem and watch how, if at all, the stats change when it fails to copy anything.  Let me know what you discover.

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The OneNote text issue: seems to have "gone away".
The reluctant copy issue: seems to have gone away.

I would guess that these issues were probably fixed by other changes in the dynamically changing CHS ß software.

New issue - slow/delayed keyboard and misbehaviour on paste: in navigation, selection and typing of text. I'm not sure whether this is attributable to CHS, but it is a "new" issue. I am running Autohotkey (32-bit version) on Win7 64-bit OS. Paste operations often end up with the pasted text and areas above selected (highlighted), though the pasted text is itself correct.

New issue - sporadic DBISAM errors:  I have worked around these by shutting down and restarting CHS.

See if you can identify what triggers these remaining problems.


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