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Stoic Joker's (File & Folder) Fix When

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Stoic Joker:
One feature that might be nice is the ability to filter it to only touch files within a certain date range -- that would make it useful for "fixing" bad file/date timestamps.-mouser (March 08, 2011, 01:22 PM)
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I've been mulling this one over, mainly trying to figure out when someone would need to do that. It is do-able...However time is a factor. So I'm not sure when I could get to it.

If anyone else is interested in this feature, speak now! ...So I can figure out how (/if) to prioritize it.

Well done, SJ.   :D

See also two programs by Roman Korcek, both of them plug-ins for Total Commander:

* AddTime
  Useful when you need to change the time or date of many files by a specific amount. Example situation - your digital camera's clock has been set incorrectly and now all your pictures have their dates off by an hour. Now, instead of changing the individual properties of every file you just select them all, click AddTime Addon's button, select 1 hour, press Start, and you're done!
  Also available in a free-standing version.
* ReDate
  It works similar to the counter [C] in TC's Multi-Rename Tool, however, it is used for file dates (and times) only. Using ReDate you can change the dates of multiple files incrementally or randomly.
Back in DOS, I mostly used Charles Dye's (Web site defunct) TOUCH:

TOUCH.COM   v1.08d   2003-10-05   C. Dye
GPL Freeware.  Copyright 1996-2003, Charles Dye.  No warranty!

TOUCH [filespecs] [options]

   /D:date  set to specific date     /D  set to today's date
   /T:time  set to specific time     /T  set to current time
   /C=file  copy stamps from file
   /A:attr  change file attributes
   /P  offer yes/no prompt           /F:x  set date format
   /S  recurse into subdirectories   /M    page output

Unless you use /D /T /C or /A, no changes will be made!
Try /D? /T? /C? /A? /F? or /M? for more info.

The local date format is DD/MM/YYYY; you may omit the year.

One of the most interesting options was /C= copy time stamps from another file.

Stoic Joker:
@rjbull - Cool!

Okay guys (you win), I'm trying to work on T-Clock ... But I'll put some notes in FixWhen's project file and put it back on the To-Do list.



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