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Freedcamp - Free B2B Project Management Service


Paul Keith:
Personally this isn't for me (I'm an individual user) but this comment made by someone here makes it seem notable:

Freedcamp is great, it has almost any features of Basecamp , but it’s free
--- End quote ---

The best part for Basecamp users is that they have an import feature.

As for me, I'm a sucker for their dashboard:

Freedcamp - Free B2B Project Management Service

and their drag and drop to-do list:

Freedcamp - Free B2B Project Management Service

Hard to imagine how they will monetize this though but if you add the fact that FreeDownloadaDay's other recent post was about an unlimited size file sharing service like FilePhile:

With small files, it's easy to share them with your colleagues by just attaching them to an email. If you're moving bigger files around, you may use a free file-sharing system (or the free portion of a paid system like Dropbox). But all of these come with limits, mostly because at some point in the process your files are living on their servers, taking up their disk space and using their bandwidth. For really really big files, you need another solution.

FilePhile is a service that lets you share files of any size you want, no matter how big. They accomplish this by virtue of the fact that at no point do your files sit on their servers. You install their desktop app on your machine, and make sure that your recipient has installed it on theirs as well, and then just start moving files across the wire. FilePhile is smart enough to keep uploading files after being interrupted by network problems, machines going to sleep, and all that.

FilePhile is a free service. The desktop app is written in Java, so it will run on Linux, Mac, and Windows machines, and the sender and recipient don't even need to be on the same platform to get the job done.
--- End quote ---

Hard to imagine you are not getting one of the most professional free services out there.

Until now there haven’t been too many worthy competitors of 37signals’ Basecamp if you ask me, so it will be interested to see what Freedcamp will have to offer besides being free.


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