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Clipboard Help+Spell v1.45 Discussion and notes for Ugraders

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I thought we might benefit from a thread specifically for discussing the new features and changes in v1.45.

And for upgraders:

One important new feature is the ability to set custom ordering in your quick popup menus (favorites, etc.) by setting the "Ordering" fields of clips.

But if you are upgrading from a version of CHS prior to v1.45, your favorite and other groups will not have this enabled. To fix, right click on the group (Favorites for example) and edit the group, and change the "Custom Menu Sorting SQL" to: Ordering,CreationDateTime

Or if you have NO important data in your clip database that you care about, you can simply exit CHS, delete the contents of the CHS database directory, and restart to begin with a brand new default database.

Upgraders may also need to click to customize which fields show in the grid in order to turn on the Notes field if you want to see the urls associated with clips captured from browser windows, and the Ordering field to expose the field for Ordering values.

Clipboard Help+Spell v1.45 Discussion and notes for Ugraders

I'm curious to hear what people think of the new stack (actually FIFO queue) features and dupe handling and web url grabbing and quick paste clip submenu (shift click).

So a couple of new features worth looking into:

In the quick paste popup, if you hold shift while selecting an item, you will now see a secondary menu for that clip:

That should make it easier to do commonn things with clips other than the most recent clip, which previously required bringing up the main window.

Stay tuned for some screencast videos showing how to get the most out of CHS.

Another thing to play with is using the stack with the Paste Using Tabs option.

So, you would copy a series of items that need to be entered into tab-separated fields on a web page or dialog, and then bring up quick popup menu, choose Stack operations, and choose to paste entire stack using Tabs:

That image shows that the stack start marker is currently at the "1111" clip; pasting entire stack will simulate:  1111 TAB 2222 TAB 3333 TAB 4444


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