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Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)

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Midnight Rambler:
V. 1.8.2 build 1 is no longer working.Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)

@sportman12, if you still need help installing Tray Weather, please click on link below
Help Installing Tray Weather

@mods, thanks :up:

I got Tray Weather, but does not compare with sWeather. The only thing in common they have is temperature in tray bar, otherwise Tray Weather's graph-like forecast is a joke, and it can't even display temperature in normal full F degrees, but always shows them with decimal points, which makes them look very strange. Also, time of the day displays in 24-hour format which is really annoying.

I have a suggestion. I understand that the creator of sWeather stopped developing it because he doesn't want to deal with API keys. Would it be possible for him to redo it in such a way so every user would have to get and enter his own API key? Then he would not need to pay for API key, and users will get their favorite weather forecast back, and if they wish, they can get free keys or paid keys.

A fantastic idea!  Right, Tray Weather is not even close to sWeather!  API keys are easy to obtain, free for the most part.  Many of us have them for other software.  I know absolutely nothing about coding but I wouldn't think (big question mark) it would be too difficult to pattern the API key portion of Tray Weather into sWeather.  I would love to hear a comment on this idea from the creator of sWeather.  I know he was looking into this several months ago; but, the further development seems to be at a standstill.

Midnight Rambler:
Installed Tray Weather and received an API key free of charge.  Not as user-friendly as sWeather was and don't quite understand why the key was necessary but the program offers a lot of data and can't beat the price. 


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