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Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)

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It is still the Yahoo service playing havock with all its users >:(
It seems that the server hosting the service is in a bootloop, providing service for a few minutes and then restarting all over again :down:

As of 2017-01-25, my sWeather isn't updating and it's interesting that the header says Thursday, January 1, 0:00 it's gone back all the way to 2015. Interesting. I'll give reinstallation a shot
-kevlar_heart42 (January 25, 2017, 09:34 AM)
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As Ath said, this behaviour is the the result of the Yahoo! site acting up.  Please don't bother reinstalling sWeather as that's not going to fix things.  Rest assured that, if the API changes, I'll do my best to fix things but this isn't one of those times.  There is nothing you can do except be patient with the Yahoo! service.

I've spotted a particularly interesting issue. It goes like this:

* If the program is started while the system display is set to '16-bit High Colour', then the icons for 'Powered by Yahoo!', 'Click to View the Next Location', 'Click to view the Previous Location', 'Click to Refresh Weather Data', and 'Click to Show the Expanded View', all have a solid black field around them (as depicted in the first attached image). No other icons exhibit that behaviour.
* If the display is then changed from '16-bit High Colour' to '32-bit True Colour' while the program is still running, the problem described above still remains as it is until the program is closed and re-run, at which point everything is normal.
* If the program is started while the system display is set to '32-bit True Colour', and it is changed to '16-bit High Colour' while the program is still running, the problem never manifests (as depicted in the second attached image). If the program is closed and re-run, the problem appears as described in the first bullet point.
Most people will probably never encounter this problem, but I thought it was worth pointing out since there are some circumstances (however rare that circumstance may be -- for example, maybe on Windows Embedded with a display adapter that uses shared video memory) where the program may be started while the display is at 16-bit depth, and then a person will see that problem.

Location in the example images is chosen randomly.

Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)

This is due to the fact that sWeather uses 32-bit PNG and ICO files with transparency.  If the user's computer is set to 16-bit colour, they will not display properly (as you discovered).


Thanks for this great app. Today I try this app (version is 1.6.8 b1), but this doesn't work correctly, because the curent temperature higher than needed.

For example, My place is Miskolc (town) in Hungary. In this app the current temperature is 12C. But this isn't true. If I click to "full forecast" from this app, this link open in the web browser: link and it show the correct temperature, which is now 5C.


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