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Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)

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I found a minor glitch on sWeather's Expanded view. The statusbar of the Expanded view always shows the same 'Current conditions as of:' of 1 of the items in the list, but not of the selected one. Haven't determined how it selects the displayed information, but probably the first item in the list.
It then also shows the same (wrong in my case) statusbar info in the main window, as soon as I move the mouse over it. But that could be a 'feature' of the underlying programming environment.

Actually, that expanded view isn't supposed to have anything in its statusbar.  I'll fix it.

Just downloaded and installed today on my laptop.  I read where Yahoo doesn't update any oftener than one hour.  I noticed if I do a manual refresh by right clicking the tray icon, it still doesn't update.

is this by design?

sWeather will refresh each hour after it starts.  Yahoo! usually update their weather feeds around five minutes to the hour.  So, your refresh was probably before Yahoo! updated their feeds.  In other words, doing a manual refresh within sWeather does not force Yahoo! to update their weather information.  Does that make sense?

yes it does.  thanks for the update!  :D


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