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Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)

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Nice one skwire (yet again  :D)

Unfortunately Yahoo Weather don't have weather for my part of the world*  :'(

*Note: The closest city to me in Yahoo Weather is a measly 60km away, however due to the difference in elevation  (~400m) it might as well be another world away.

Thanks, kwacky1.  Sorry to hear about the location issue.  Which weather service do you normally use?  I may change up sWeather to use or some other site.

Nice and also...

You could also probably make a National Weather Service version based on files located:

The "Observed Conditions" suggested pickup is 15 mins after the hour every hour according to the xml source for the one I looked at.

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v1.0.2 - 2011-03-06
    + Added "Refresh data" functionality to the main form.
    * Changed next/previous controls from text to images.


Link to "Full forecast" does not work.


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