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Browser startup times

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I just ran a little experiment on my PC. I used AppTimer (hopeless gui, but a neat program!) to launch each of my browsers 5 times in a row.

Here are the results (times are in seconds)

Guess I'm sticking with FireFox for now. Although to be fair, who cares about such tiny differences? I start my browser in the morning, and close it when I shut down my PC.

But I thought it was interesting.

that looks like you don't have many (any) extensions installed with Firefox. typically, after you've a few installed it takes years to launch.

or maybe you pc is just weird (or mine just crap).

- ;D

on my computer (too) this >firefox.exe - 2 executions: 1.8417 and 0.0927< has very little to do with Real Life. It will take many more seconds before I can type & hit Enter and get a response, without FF freezing. Probably because of my many add-ons.

I have 11 add-ons in my FF. None in the others since I never use them. The numbers in my case were very consistent which is why I wanted to share.

In theory that apptimer times the period between launch and 'program ready for user input'

By the way, I'm not trying to start a browser war! This is purely in the interests of science.


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