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Error EX4: DBISAM Engine Error #11013

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have you tried the fixes in the first post?

You mean exclude database directory from Antivirus?

Like I said, the entire drive is excluded.

Can you try changing the Temporary Database Location in the options here:

Try the different options see if any fix it.

Ok. Thanks.

Will monitor and report back.

It is working right now, all I did was terminate by task manager and relaunch D:\....exe.

I wonder if i can check for and handle this condition more gracefully.. It may simply be a case of a temporary file being locked at start of app by a security app but that a second attempt to read it would solve the problem.

In your case terminating and relaunching solved the problem and you didn't have to make any changes in the app or in your antivirus tool, is that correct?


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