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Error EX4: DBISAM Engine Error #11013

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Has this issue been resolved?

I tried installing the latest stable build and am receiving the database errors.

Win 7 64-bit new build.

I just got a report that someone was experiencing this.. If anyone gets this error on current builds, can you tell me about your setup and OS?
And can you try changing the options on the "Tweaks" tab for where to store the temporary database file?

Ok so I got a follow up email from the other person experiencing this bug -- he tracked it down to the fact that CHS was saving its data to user's document directory, which was on a NETWORK drive.
Solution was to modify the ConfigDir.ini file in the ClipboardHelpAndSpell directory to point to a local drive (in his case CONFIGDIR=%APPDATA%).

For those looking for a summary of the situation and solutions, see my first post on the first page of this thread.


I just got this error too for the first time at boot, after 6 month use or so without a problem.
I use version 2.33 on XP SP2 and Avira antivirus.

Error EX4: DBISAM Engine Error #11013

I use the portable edition (did not install the program) which is stored in my D local hard disk which is excluded from Avira's Scan.


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