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Windows7 user administration question

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I am, having a weird issue here and I thought that someone with proper skills might help me out.

Everytime I save, create files or folders it is created with "administrators" owner. Now my user name is part of administrators group, but the name is not "administrators". This issue makes file access complicated, second I do not think that it should say "administrators" in the owner tab or security properties.  I feel like something is messed up in this scheme.

What would be the right way to fix this issue? I would like my files and folders to be created with the right user name, distinguishable user name

I am on Windows7 64bit


Mine says Administrators group too

Does that sound right though? I really would like my 'owner" to say my user name, this might complicate things.

Right click.

Go to Properties.

Security Tab.

Click Advanced.

Owner Tab.


timms, that resolves per folder or file but that does not solve my problem. My problem is that the ownership shows up as "administrators" in all my drives regardless of what they are. SO it looks like it is by default.


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