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Opinions on System Utilties Suites

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I think that the DC forum is great. I do not post very much, but I do read a great many of the posts and I often make software purchase decisions on the basis of what I read here at DC. With that in mind, I would very much like to know the opinions of the some of the DCers about system utilities suites (I don't know what else to call these programs) for Windows 7. What I have in mind are programs such as:

Tune-Up Utilities 2011

System Mechanic by Iolo

Fix-It Utilities 11

Any others that may come to mind.

What I would like to know is how useful others find these utilities to be? Are they useful at all? Do they do more harm than good?

Your responses are greatly appreciated.

From what I understand, the person posting this announcement looks like he is a developer of software similar to what you mentioned. Maybe you could ask him?

Personally, I have never found much use for such programs, and when I tried them (in the win98 days), they really made more harm than good which causes me to always be suspicious of such "performance improvers".

Can't see a reason for any of them, to be honest - don't waste your money.

+1 for f0dder's advice

They may have been useful at one time (purchased ones) but there are enough good free utilities out there that I question paying for these anymore


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