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The March 2011 6th Anniversary Fundraiser Has Begun! Cheer for Victory Thread

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C'mon all.... Keep it coming! Give up just a few latte's and we'll blow that thermometer up.   :-\   :P


to expand the scale of the thermometer if we reach $6,000 and keep the fundraiser going
-mouser (March 03, 2011, 02:15 PM)
--- End quote ---

Wasn't that what you did during the previous fundraiser?, it felt (and feels) so natural and rewarding to be happening :-*

Woohoo, already at $5.500 :D:

People, keep it coming, because:

Money is like muck, not good except it be spread.
- Sir Francis Bacon


Three days + 15.5 hours into it and you're almost at goal!

I've never seen anything like that for site like this one. Tells you something doesn't it?

(NPR & PBS could learn something here.  :D)


Oh, I scribbled a small message on my blog about my coding snack of today (small self-promotion :-[)


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