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The March 2011 6th Anniversary Fundraiser Has Begun! Cheer for Victory Thread

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Well the newsletter is going out, and like i said on the irc channel:
<mouser> these will be the biggest donations we get all month
<mouser> it will drop to a trickle soon
<mouser> the reason is because the fundraising email is going out now
<mouser> and it goes to supporting members first
<mouser> so what we are seeing now is all the very cool nice great people
<mouser> who have supported DC in the past
<mouser> responding like the awesome people they are.
--- End quote ---

How do I transfer DC credits to this particular event?

You should donate to the site :D

How do I transfer DC credits to this particular event?
--- End quote ---

Best thing you can do, as an active member of the forum, is send your donationcredits out to people on the forum to spread the love, and not worry about getting them into the site account.

* f0dder yelps for victory.

Bought a new GPU last month and had to do a fair amounts of bike repairs, so couldn't donate as much as I wanted to - but I hope it'll help keeping the wheels spinning :)


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