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Serial Key Storage for Windows

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Does fSekrit work on Windows 7?-J-Mac (March 03, 2011, 01:03 AM)
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Yes! All editions.
-Stoic Joker (March 03, 2011, 06:53 AM)
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Yup - and I've had to jump through a fair amount of hoops to ensure it works under Win9x. Not needed by a lot of users (Win9x support was broken for a couple of versions before anybody noticed :-[), but it's there for those who need it.

Only thing that can be a problem with fSekrit is übernazi anti-malware programs - they don't like code that modify executable files :)

Thanks Stoic Joker and f0dder!


I've now tried MemPad and DateReminder, but they just not give me the right feeling about them that I can safely distribute them in my team. It's a bit vulnerable that all data is stored in a text(like) file.-Ath (March 03, 2011, 07:34 AM)
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MemPad has automatic backups, but only one level.  You could set up a scheduler to periodically zip them up and copy to a server, but that's more work...  I'm assuming that keys would be stored in an encrypted file.  Not sure about vulnerability there as the file is only clear when it's unencrypted.  But, I wish MemPad would automatically close encrypted files like KeePass does.

a set of repeating Outlook appointments for our team-lead. These appointments have to be manually maintained, [...] biggest disadvantage is that the reminders only pop-up at the calendar of the person(s) that scheduled the reminders, not from a central calendar (we have a team-mailbox and -calendar in our Exchange server, never got group-notifications working).

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If you already have Exchange and Outlook, management would probably prefer that you use them.  I wondered about Rainlendar because:
Shared & 3rd Party Calendars

With Rainlendar Pro you can subscribe to online calendars and share your events with other computers. You can also see and edit your Outlook appointments and tasks in Rainlendar (Windows only).

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but for Outlook synchronization you need the Pro version, which is cheap, but not free.  Also check the FAQ on memory usage for Outlook.

I just realized that you have obscured the directory, but not the keys!  Will that be problematic?
-wraith808 (March 02, 2011, 02:53 PM)
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Looks like bogus example keys to me - have never seen Microsoft ECC product keys without numbers in them :)
-f0dder (March 02, 2011, 04:40 PM)
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f0dder is correct. They are bogus keys. Absence of even a single digit is a dead giveaway. I just did a dididididat finger dance on the keyboard to create them.

And the only reason I obscured the directory was to draw attention to how you could rename the fsekrit executable to something more related to what it was being used for. And also because you can have multiple copies as long as you rename them. Something which I forgot to spell out in the post - so in retrospect, it was relatively pointless to obscure anything.

Sorry. :-[ 8)

If someone wanted to make a neat little portable application specifically for this purpose, I would definitely donate.


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