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Is DonationCoder too exposed of a brand?

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That's cool. I'm just not sure what exactly it is that you're supporting. What does DonationCoder "mean" to you? What do you value about it? Are they the same thing(s) others value?

- Oshyan

That's cool. I'm just not sure what exactly it is that you're supporting. What does DonationCoder "mean" to you? What do you value about it? Are they the same thing(s) others value?

- Oshyan
-JavaJones (February 25, 2011, 01:19 AM)
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Easy. I point out deficiencies that long deserve to be rectified. Isn't it a better, more tangible form of support than whatever you try to defend?

@JavaJones - PDFTT :)

I think lotusrootstarch may be on to something; regarding the forum. I'd never thought about it before but it does seem to be that we are all now long time members with only a few new members each year - seems like less than half-a-dozen new members a year (I've no facts to support this claim, it's just what it feels like).

Is this natural forum behaviour; just a few recruits a year? If so, then everything is "normal". If not, then it looks like DC has become a bit of a private members club. (Although, seeing the number of non registered members lurking about at any one time, it seems clear there are plenty of people that find the forum useful.)

Carol Haynes:
It may be my imagination but as someone who took part in the forums here from near the beginning I have been unable to be as involved over the last couple of years because of work. When I do visit now (still probably briefly every day even when I don't post anything) I see names I don't really recognise appearing. It may be anecdotal but I get the feeling that there is a core of us long time member but there is a growth in new members (albeit much slower than the early days) and a passing group of transient members who either only drop in from time to time or drift away.

None of this comes as a surprise to me as it is what happens in 'real' life as well as in the 'virtual' world.

Having been around for a long time I am still unclear whether the site is actually being marketed as a profit making business or whether donations are mainly designed to cover the costs of the site and allow some funding to be distributed to small donationware developers via the donation credits system.

Only Mouser can really answer my question about profitability - but I'd guess he isn't getting rich from running this site (esp. considering the amount of time and effort he puts in).

Personally I don't subscribe to the view that change is good for its own sake. Donationcoder as an idea seems to work to me and actually I appreciate the fact that it is in some ways ill-defined and open to anyone who wants to take part.

Since the last fundraiser 2 years ago, there:

1. Has not been any major changes/additions to the functionality of the site
2. Has not been any major changes/additions to the looks of the site
3. Has not seen any noticeable additions to the number of active members of the site
4. Is no addition of any major software application
5. Is a few event hosted here which earned virtually no public attention

This is a stagnant site, no growth no innovation
-lotusrootstarch (February 25, 2011, 01:05 AM)
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lotusrootstarch makes some interesting points but the questions I address back in response are:

1) What additional functionality do you want to see and why
2) Do the looks of the site have to change - if so in what way and why? Cosmetic changes for the sake of making the site 'look' as thoigh something is going on seem a bit pointless to me. The heart of the site is this forum for most people - what changes would make any practical difference to the way it works?
3) How can we attract more regular members? I'd say it is mostly by word of mouth but that requires current regular members to continue to spread the word or link to the site from their own websites.
4) What other software would you like to see added? There are plenty of ways of asking for people to develop software on the this website and an amazing number of people who spend lots of time and effort coding from snacks to full blown applications which are made available for free or for donations. You are correct that the core apps from Mouser haven't seen lots of new apps appearing but I am not sure it was his intention to be responsible for all software development related to the site - it is supposed to be a community here and that requires contributions from its members.
5) Any ideas for future events and how to market them better?

In response to the site being stangnat the question I address to you (And actually to every member including myself) is "What are you prepared to contribute to make the website a more effective and 'happening' place to be?"

As in all things it is really easy to be negative but it requires everyone to make positive effort to be effective.

Personally I don't think the website is stangant - it is probably more 'stable' than it used to be but is stability a bad thing in itself?


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