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Does DoCo have a "How To" Section?

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I have to admit, I only had a quick look. But just as DC has a nice reviews section, which is well worth reading, does it also have a section where folks can post mini-articles on "how I did such-and-such?"

This popped into my head after reading superboyac's thread on setting up a simple shared todo list between two users. Sounds to me like an ideal case of saying "well, if you download and install software abc, and then use service def to map a secure shared drive, off you go - and this is how to do it"

That would make a really nice little article that I think quite a few people (including me, a few months back) could really make use of. There's some top-notch expertise on here and I can envisage not only coding snack requests, but perhaps requests for coding help and generally getting more out of one's computing experience.

Off the top of my head, I could think of some other How-To's+Recommendations that I'd love to see:

* How to create a VM from your current PC
* How to set up a nice unattended daily backup
* How to organise your email more efficiently
* How to get the most from DC  :Thmbsup:
* How to get started with Regular Expressions
* etc. etc.
Certainly some of Paul Keith's posts fall into a similar category.

If mouser made a shiny new section for that, you could write a few for the March fundraiser :Thmbsup:

If mouser made a shiny new section for that, you could write a few for the March fundraiser :Thmbsup:
-Ath (February 22, 2011, 02:29 PM)
--- End quote ---

A few! I might try and do one to go with my new app and my full software review pledges...  :)


It's a good idea.. I think maybe we could stretch the "User Mini-reviews" forum section and standalone "Mini-Reviews" page to encompass such things -- I know we've stretched it for this purpose in the past.  If we had enough such entries we could rename the section to Mini-Review and HowTos..


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