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Revisiting the idea of simplifying the DC big app license key stuff

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Are there any numbers of disgruntled posters of the current system vs the ones it doesn't seem to be a problem? Prompting the consideration to change?  Or is it a "gut feeling" like they say on NCIS?

I feel that anyone who visits the site frequently enough should realize the benefits of donating whether as a coder or just as a user. Granted, some do need gentle reminders before it comes to them on their own.  The purpose of DonationCoder is well presented elsewhere on the site

Need some help on this one since it has been a while since I installed Screen Captor and Launchbar Commander.  So bear with me if this is off a little. 

At the end of the installation there is a pop-up inviting the user to visit DonationCoder.  What about expanding (in fact physically expanding the window size so a bunch of scrolling isn't needed) in this window a short description of DoCo or a link to the expanded version above.  Then include wording to the effect of "you are able to use 'abc' for a period of ?? days.  If you haven't already, at the end of ?? days you will receive a gentle request (reminder) to join and post your comments on your use and experiences of 'abc'.  (Maybe set up a separate forum area for these) And at that time this will automatically extend the usage for ?? days/months"... and so on."  Not even use the word free in the statement, just the word "use."  Personal opinion, saying something is "free" then turning right around and asking for something in return can be a turn off.

Or (since I just looked), similar to how it is said it the 'About' section of the help menu in SC, LC, etc.

My 2 cents for what they're worth.  I'll continue to donate however it goes and as long as possible.

It's more of a gut feeling that things are just a little complex and confusing, and that this turns people away.

What about something like this:

Programs always run, always latest version, always full features enabled (just like now).
If you haven't put any license key in you will occasionally be reminded to click a link to get a license key (just like now).

However, the change will be to the license key page, similar to what jgpaiva proposed.  The simplified page will say:

* 1. Click here for a license key that will work for 60 days; come back any time to get another.
* 2. Or donate any amount to become a lifetime member and receive a permanent license key.
And remove all of the other rigmarole.

I really like that idea, but I think it might go against the motto that people who can't pay could have access to a fully-working copy. Personally I really like the "tell us how we can improve our software (or site?) and get a 6-month working key" option, it might bring some nice karma.

Also, I'm not sure about this, but does the link on the application take people directly to the key page? I think this would remove the "I can't find my free key" complex we see sometimes around the forum.

We could make a 3rd bullet point which just makes official our semi-unofficial policy, which is:
3. If you are part of a non-profit organization, or are a freeware author, or have considered the ideas of the site and have decided that you will not be donating for whatever reason, send us an email describing why and we will send you a non-expiring license key.


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